Adult Programme

Friday – 9th September

4:30pm-5:30pmFree – Introduction to Gifted Children and Gifted Education
5:30pmRegistration / Wine and cheese

Saturday – 10th September

9:00am-10:30amKeynote Speech
Dr James T Webb
10:30am-11:00amMorning Tea
11:00am-12:00Resilience and Over-Excitabilities: Theory and Practice
Ms Madelaine Armstrong Willcocks
Resilience of Ben’s mathematical interest to ups and downs in his mathematics education
Igor’ Kontorovich
Using the Learning Pit to Build Resilience
Ellen Hampson
1:00pm-1:55pmMotivation and Underachievement
Dr James T Webb
Finding Quiet in all the Noise!
Michelle Dickinson
2:00pm-2:45pm“Finding a fit”: Identity development for gifted and talented adolescents
Dr Louise Tapper
GiftEDnz strand.
This is a problem for The Resilience Kid: Making sense (and nonsense) of resilience in the early years
Andrea Delaune
GiftEDnz strand.
Risk and Resilience in Gifted Children and Young People
Dr Nadine Ballam, GiftEDnz Speakers’ Bureau Speaker
GiftEDnz strand.
2:45pm-3:15pmAfternoon Tea
3:15pm-4:10pm11 Key Parenting Concerns
Dr James T Webb
“It’s risky to be gifted” Fostering resilience in gifted children and young people
Dr Nadine Ballam
Starting your schoolwide GATE journey
Barbara Bowron
4:15pm-5:00pmPersonal Development for Personal Empowerment
Ms Anna Meuli and Ms Sue Barriball
Fight, Flight or Freeze. Managing the Stress Response
Mrs Brooke Trenwith
Grit: What is it and how do you develop it?
Dr. Brett Clark

Sunday – 11th September

9:00am-10:00amEstablishing and maintaining communication and relationships with gifted children
Dr James T Webb
Negotiating the minefield of intensities and personality types
Mrs Brooke Trenwith
10:00am-11:00amLessons learned during 20 years of Small Poppies
Sue Breen
Issues arising….grizzles, gripes and great things as reported by gifted and talented students in our schools
Ingrid Fengley-Vaipuna and Vivienne Russell
11:00am-11:20amMorning Tea
11:20-12:20pmIdealism, unhappiness depression and resiliency
Dr James T Webb
Giftedness in the classroom - A panel discussion
12:20pm-12:40pmClosing remarks
Andrew Patterson